ActiveRecord: Use Efficient Queries for Counting

I recently spent a few weeks at work focusing on database performance. Specifically, I was looking to reduce load on our database by rewriting application code and queries to be more efficient. Some of the easiest wins were in code that counted things.

Counting is deceptively simple. Even a five year old can count — how hard could it be? The difficulty lies in counting efficiently. In a new application, you can often get away with counting inefficiently because your data set is small and database load is minimal. In a more mature application, there is more data, the database is busier, and there are outliers. Perhaps users on your blogging platform have five posts on average, but a few of your most dedicated users may have thousands of posts. This makes performance problems difficult to spot in development or even production. Ironically, your most dedicated users are the ones affected the most!

After working through a few inefficient queries, here are a few patterns that emerged. The examples below are for a Rails 3 app using ActiveRecord on MySQL, but the same SQL principles should apply to other languages and frameworks.

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