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Womprat Colorscheme for Vim

My main “IDE” is vim in a terminal. For years, I used the default 16-color colorscheme, but recently I was inspired by a few blog posts about vim colorschemes and solarized in particular. I tried solarized for a bit, but I didn’t like that I had to change my entire terminal color scheme, and I didn’t like the blue background (just weird) and grey text (too low-contrast).

After trying out a few other colorschemes, I decided to create my own. I started out with David Liang’s wombat256mod, which is in turn based on wombat by Lars Nielsen. With a few hours of tweaking, I had something that (IMHO) looked pretty good on CoffeeScript, PHP, Scala, and diffs.

CoffeeScript PHP Scala Diff

Initially, I just named my scheme “custom” and threw it in my .vim/colors directory, but today I named the colorscheme “womprat” and put it up on GitHub as its own repository to make it easier for others to install. I hope you enjoy it!